Visiting and Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Puerto Rico

I ended of visiting Puerto Rico again March 2017. Although an American protectorate, Puerto Rico has their own rich history and culture. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the weather, Puerto Rio is definitely the place to go.

The BJJ Experience

During my trip there, I visited a school called Behring Wolfpack BJJ. Behring Wolfpack BJJ is part of Flavio Behring’s affiliation. I believe they have other affiliate schools in the area as well. Before visiting, I recommend sending a message over Facebook to ask about schedule, location, and times.

Initially, the directions was rather confusing and unclear so I decided to just go and check it out. I took an uber there, and found myself in a giant athletics park (admittedly got lost for a bit). Ended up asking the security guard for directions and found out the school itself is actually located in a racquetball court.

The school is run by Eduardo Ortiz, though that day I did not get the chance to meet him. The class was taught by two of his upper belts, Edgardo and Luis, both great guys. I will say this school was one of the most welcoming schools I have been to. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, many of them offering to to give me rides or recommendations.

Address: Parque Central, San Juan PR. racquetball court #2

Class Hours:

  • Monday at 730pm (no gi)
  • Wednesday 730pm (with gi)
  • Friday open mat 6pm (with gi)
  • Sunday 9am (no gi)

Phone: 1 787-644-5186


Staying In Puerto Rico

My friends and I decided to stay at an airbnb in the Old San Juan area. Since we split the cost, the price was relatively affordable. I know there are also a lot of local hotels around the area but price wise, I think airbnb is the way to go.

Things to do

  • El Yungque National Forest: A beautiful rain forest with multiple trails to hike, amazing views of the surrounding, and water falls to swim in. Although it is a bit far from the cities, I would definitively recommend going here. Be prepared to get wet, make sure to bring extra clothes just in case depending on the season. Plan for this to take at least half a day
  • Old San Juan: A historical area of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan offered a robust glimpse of the local culture. Lots do and see here.
  • Castillo San Felipe del Morro and  Castillo San Cristóbal: Two of Puerto Rico’s old forts to defend against naval invasion. Home to a variety of local animals (they run a cat and pigeon shelter nearby), if you are looking for the local history or the scenic view, these two are the places to go.
  • Beaches: Can’t mention Puerto Rico and not mention its beaches.

Getting Around

This depends on where you are staying and what you want to do. The Old San Juan and the forts are pretty easy to check out by foot. If you want to go further, I would recommend renting a car (which my group and I did to get to El Yungque National Forest) or just take taxi, bus, and/or uber.


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